23 de septiembre de 2009

M. Heidegger, Gesamtausgabe, vol. 76: "Thoughts Concerning Metaphysics, Modern Science and Modern Technology"

Complete Works of Martin Heidegger (Gesamtausgabe), vol. 76.
Leitgedanken zur Entstehung der Metaphysik, der neuzeitlichen Wissenschaft und der modernen Technik.

Thoughts Concerning the Origins of Metaphysics, Modern Science and Modern Technology.
Edited by Claudius Strube.

In vol. 76, 24 manuscripts written between 1935 and 1955 are published for the first time. All texts are significant supplements to the main works which are already published. Many of them show that Heidegger uses more radical perspectives in his early studies. In the manuscripts published in part one, which mainly concern the emergence of metaphysics, Heidegger explains more clearly than in his published essay "Vom Wesen und Begriff der Physis" that his interpretation of Aristotle´s concept of physis is only the attempt to "hear a hint towards the Initial in the resonance [of the pre-socratian ‘physis’]". It is remarkable that this essay was initially entitled "Der Vorbegriff der Metaphysik" ("the pre-concept of metaphysics"). The manuscripts in the second part question the quality of (modern) science. The texts in part three have been written around 1950. The volume also includes the memorandum of a discussion following Heidegger´s speech "… dichterisch wohnet der Mensch" (held on April 24, 1952 in Munich). Heidegger strictly contradicts the idea presented by some colleagues that art and modern technology might be reconciled.
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